The heart of creativity lies within the exercise of our minds. It's where ideas and dreams are birthed! My passion is turning our dreams and ideas into visual works of art to feed and inspire the world! There is nothing new under the sun - Ecclesiastes 1:9. To some, that may seem like we should get bored with the same stuff; to me, that just goes to show how creative and eternal our God is. Art is my way of picking God's brain and seeing what kind of mumbo jumbo we can come up with to communicate in ways that refresh, stimulate, and grow each other's souls. Have an idea, dream, or business you're looking to showcase creatively? Let's talk!

Hi, I'm Mackenzie. How lovely to meet you!

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2018 Emmy Award Post-Produced Graphic Design for NHL Network’s NHL Tonight open “Shaken… and Stirred”

(1st ever Sports Emmy awarded to NHL Network)

2018 Silver PROMAX/BDA Award Art Direction & Design Sports Program Front Ends/Open/Titles for the NHL Tonight open “Shaken… and Stirred”.

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